Yoga Mouth Collective partners with American Muay Thai and Monroe Hall BJJ (same building, but different program) for weekly group yoga therapy classes.

Our current classes are:

Yoga Strong:

Functional Strength and Stability Workout

$15 Drop In Donation

saturday | 9:30-10:15 am

Class Description

This is a highly effective power based mindful movement class for anyone interested in optimizing their posture, core strength, and joint stability. If you are an athlete or person interested in getting into great shape this class is made for you. It is a fast paced workout that is very functional and provides advanced tips and tricks to help you get better workouts, faster results, and higher level of body awareness and joint stability to stay active longer and workout smarter. We practice on the gym’s wrestling mats so the surface is dynamic and challenges balance and stabilizing muscles necessary for a lifetime to good health and posture. You are welcome to bring a yoga mat but it isn’t necessary.

movements to expect



Push ups

Warrior Postures


Core Challenges



Yoga therapy:

Rest and Restore

$15 Drop In Donation

Sunday | 10:00-11:00 am

Class Description

This is the original Yoga Mouth class! Kristi has been teaching this class for all levels for over 5 years. It is a finely tuned program supporting curious wellness seekers. You’ll find rest and relaxation by listening to your subtle body cues. You learn to address tension and chronic pain with awareness and compassion. Learning to relax and recover efficiently makes everything else about being alive less painful. Make Sunday that one day of rest that really teaches you something to make the rest of your week better. This class is recommended for anyone with a basic level of fitness that is looking to learn more about how to understand their body and ways to optimize their posture, workouts, and body awareness.

movements to expect

Self Myofascial Release 

Basic Sun Salutations

Spinal Twists

Breath Awareness

Shoulder Rehab

Hip/Lower Back Rehab

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