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Mike czawlytko

Personal training student

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My personal training sessions with Kristi from Yoga Mouth Studios have really helped me understand my body. I’ve gained mobility and awareness I didn’t even realize I was missing. Kristi’s collaborative, laid back style made it a joy to work on my weaknesses and imbalances. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to prevent injury, become more mobile and improve body awareness.

W. C.

Private Mind Body Center Client

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Yoga therapy has enabled me to realize a sense of calm and understanding of my emotions that I was not able to do in regular therapy with a psychologist.  You achieve this through a series of yoga poses, breathing exercises and therapy sessions that dealing  with emotions on a practical or gut level.  This happens over a period of time, the poses and exercises put you in a calmer, comfortable sense of yourself.  The breathing (NIDRA ?) and its practice creates a sense of calmness that allows you to relax to such a state that you can focus on what is happening in your mind. The breathing techniques alone are powerful enough to actually help you deal with sleep issues you may be having due to stress. 

Regaining this ability to calm myself has allowed me to “trust my gut” again and continue to work on my emotions in a meaningful way.  Kristi’s approach is more practical than a western therapist. Rather than getting caught up in classical “ psychologist speak”, she deals with the practical without any worry about larger meaning. 

Working with Kristi is hard, but it is worth the effort. As you peel back the layers of your emotions, you can grow and understand what has happened and is happening to you. This results in renewed confidence in yourself as well as tools to deal with life stress on a daily basis and remain strong or resilient in situations that otherwise might have overwhelmed you previously.

Love Esto

class student & training BJJ athlete

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Kristi has a healing gift that is undeniably exhibited through her yoga classes.  She has curated a space encompassed with compassion, laughs, support, and rawness and caters to people from all walks of life.  With Kristi’s jiujitsu background, she has a remarkable gift of bridging the gap between combat sports and how yoga can aid in strengthening and recovery.  When I first began jiujitsu, I was not aware of how to efficiently utilize my strength and flexibility. Kristi worked with me to pinpoint pain thresholds, which has prevented me from further injury, which is HUGE in practicing jiujitsu.   Kristi has an innate gift for seeing small things, and with the proper adjustment, can have a life-changing impact. I cannot thank Kristi enough for how she has positively impacted my life, and I highly recommend Yoga Mouth Studio to any and everyone!

Miles Fink

Private Client / Group Class Hype Man

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Yoga Mouth studio has been instrumental to my growth on so many levels. I have Erb’s Palsy in my left arm, which has made me need physical therapy since birth. However, it always felt like work. So I didn’t enjoy it. Once I started going to yoga regularly, I thoroughly enjoyed the natural flow of each movement and began getting more range of motion in my left arm without ever feeling like work. Kristi then gave me different options to enhance the growth I was seeing with my arm. Yoga Mouth Studio has truly been a blessing to me on my journey to better living.

Christian Piatt

Private Mind-Body Therapy Client

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I began working with Kristi at a crisis point, where I was struggling to balance my emotions and my obligations to work, my family, and myself. Over a few weeks, she helped me put words to the problem and build greater tolerance for uncertainty; both of which have given me so much strength and space, allowing me to fully engage in the difficulties that are present without feeling the weight of the world in them. I have tried other psychological and psychiatric treatments to help reduce the impact of fear, stress, and anxiety in my life—mostly through the Department of Veterans Affairs. While those treatments managed to mitigate the worst symptoms, I never managed to tap into the underlying causes and therefore remained always in the process of taking medicine to stop the pain, without ever finding the cause of the pain at all. Not this, this was different. For me, Yoga Therapy has been a wonderful discovery process that mixes reflection, discussion, and physical movement and it’s balancing my perspective and giving me room to move forward through the ordinary struggles and sometimes envision extraordinary possibilities. I love Kristi for it and I love the process. I am a believer in the Yoga Mouth process.


Mind-Body Therapy Client

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I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to my dear friend, sister, and yoga teacher, along with her husband, a black belt Jiu-jitsu instructor. These remarkable individuals have been an unwavering source of support in my life. When I find myself struggling, they do not judge me but instead provide strength and empowerment. They have a unique ability to challenge me and push me beyond my limits, helping me grow both mentally and physically. Their honesty and genuine care have been invaluable to me. I am truly blessed to have such incredible souls in my life who not only uplift me but also hold me accountable. Thank you for your unwavering support and for always being their for me.

d. hirsch

Mind Body Center Client

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I am so proud to let you know about Kristi Jenkins since I have been fortunate enough to work with her. Kristi is the most compassionate and supportive person I have ever met. Whenever I have to work through tough times in my life, I always find that I can go to Kristi to fall back on for honest, open and profound emotional awareness education. She helps me organize the feelings and thoughts and allows me to work thru on my terms with my own goals in a positive and progressive way.

The way she genuinely connects with her clients and gives space to their confront problems is commendable. I believe that she is blessed with the natural ability to make clients feel comfortable and experience their deeper emotions with her without judgement. 

I have forwarded Kristi’s information to several friends when I know she can help work thru and even heal whatever they are facing. I wholeheartedly trust her not only as a healer, helper, friend, but as one of the most beautiful souls on this planet. 

Jacqueline rosenberger

Mind Body Center Client


First I want to start with, I am thankful for Kristi, when I lost my son in March 2023, I was not sure what would happen to me I was lost and broken, I have learn from her that I am stronger than what I was thinking I was ,she has help me with focus and ,she gives me someone to listen to me and guide me through this horrible thing I am going threw I use the breathing exercises that she showed me and, she is just really genuine, I trust her with my thoughts and feelings 

Thanks so much Kristi and I am so grateful for you.