corporate wellness

Yoga Mouth brings creative and hands-on corporate training and workshops to your organization in person, digitally, or in hybrid formats that allow your whole team to connect wherever they are in the world.

If you have a creative and compassionate community, or are looking to support and grow a conscious and resilient organization, our programs, events, workshops and training educate your crew on how practical, scientific and accessible mindful leadership tools can be for developing efficiency and balance in your office or team.

Pricing Details

Corporate Programs begin at $350/hr 

Corporate wellness packages beginning at $1,200

Need A Custom Package or More Information?

Contact Kristi regarding Partner Pricing options and other flexible ways we can work with your corporate budget. 


Angela Sparks | project act

Kristi was an absolute delight to work with on a training project.  Our organization contracted Kristi to create a training that would be used for early childhood professionals (teachers, aides, family child care professionals) across the state. Kristi’s expertise, combined with her natural ability, vast knowledge, and ability to connect to a wide variety of people, made her the perfect fit for us. I highly recommend Kristi!

Celeste Morrissey, Maria Pane, MD, Theresa Nguyen, MD

Thank you for speaking today at the Dr. John Adams Rounds, there were approximately 65 staff who attended the presentation in-person and an additional 55 staff who attended virtually! We appreciate you sharing your wisdom, courage and vulnerability with us today. At a time when the world, especially those of us in caring professions are experiencing compassion fatigue at staggering levels, your presentation gave us hope combined with practical tools. We can use these tools to make changes in how we care for ourselves and encourage change in the self-care practices of those around us.  

Dr. Pane

We had some audience members comment how amazing your presentation was. Many want you to return for a longer mindfulness exercise.

Thank you so much!