meet kristi

Kristi is the founder of Yoga Mouth Collective and Executive Director of The Mind Body Center. Her parents were both physicians that taught her the art of caring for others. Kristi was exposed to the beauty and the magic of healing from being present on house calls with her dad and being in the hospital with her mom as she delivered babies and supported new moms in their journey to motherhood. She’s always been fascinated by the process of healing and the power of the mind. Her dad would often remind her that most of his medical practice was listening and sitting with people to provide comfort and support. Those early years behind the scenes in doctors’ offices and hospitals gave her the passion for pursuing the science and psychology behind mind and body healing.

After almost 25 years of medication, obesity, addiction, and depression Kristi fearfully went back to yoga class. Her life had gotten out of control and her depression and chronic pain were severe. She’d had 3 children and realized her life was no longer about suffering, it was about living to raise her family. Determination to find herself and healthcare on her own terms lead to 100 pound weight loss, chronic pain relief, and transformational mental health improvements. Kristi started life over and made studying the art and science of mindfulness and Yoga her career.

Kristi has also been a patient in the western medical healthcare system. She started experiencing crippling anxiety at the age of 8. It continued to be a debilitating condition throughout her life. At 16, Kristi was given a diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder and placed on a series of toxic psychiatric medications that caused many different side effects. Over the course of 20 years Kristi experienced multiple hospitalizations for depression. She also had addictions to alcohol, food, and the prescription medication that had originally been for her anxiety and depression. She suffered and felt out of control of her experience and her healing.

The process of Yoga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a mindfulness based lifestyle supported Kristi to completely go off all of her medications, end an unhappy 15 year marriage, lose 100 pounds, and find happiness and self love she never imagined possible. None of it was magic. The work of mindfulness based healthcare is very real. She understands the grit and determination necessary to dig your way out of rock bottom, face your deepest and darkest fears and self doubt, and pursue a life of fearlessness and mindful warrior training using the incredible science informed tools of yoga and mindfulness.

Education & Training

Specializations & Style

Kristi specializes in anxiety, stress management, strength and stability training at all levels of fitness, and building healthy and efficient self care and wellness lifestyles that can transform entire lives completely and last a lifetime. Her style is relaxed, practical and challenging. When you work with Kristi you’ll find yourself exploring your mind and body in ways you never imagined possible. She doesn’t believe in limitations. There is always a path for change and growth. Sometimes it is a long and winding road, but she is here to walk with you to find the other side. Natural healing is possible for everyone who is ready.

Education & Training

2010 – BA Goucher College History

2016 – 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification Charm City Yoga, Baltimore, MD

2018 – 2020 – Advanced training in Yoga Therapy at Asheville Yoga Center

2020 – OnIt Mace Training Certification 

2021-2023 – Yoga Therapy, MS studies at Maryland University of Integrated Health