The Mind Body Center is the non-profit partner of Yoga Mouth Collective.  

We noticed Yoga and mindful wellness services are often exclusive white washed spaces with little science informed training. Many spaces lack true integrated community wide access. 

The MBC supports mindfulness based mental and physical healthcare and education for every community.

Many people suffer mental and physical illnesses and feel trapped in a system of healthcare that does not see them as a whole person. Long waits, impersonal treatment, lack of compassion, and incomplete recovery are all a huge problem. Doctors are only one step in healing.They lack the training and experience to help you care for your whole body. 

Most of the preventative healthcare you need starts with you.  

At the MBC you direct your care and treatment. We do not diagnose. We help support you as you heal in a whole person way that advocates for you to take charge of your healthcare experience.

Our natural methods of healing are evidence based practices that can work as well, or better, than medications and traditional Western therapy.

We can help you feel better and stay that way. Even if you have a lifelong diagnosis or mental health condition.

The Mind Body Center helps you fight to get back to wellness.

We help you advocate for your rights to compassionate and complete care. We collaborate with your other healthcare professionals to create comprehensive healing for life.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every client has an initial intake set-up fee of $25-$50

*Individual Sessions begin on a sliding scale from $0 – $50 session

Scholarships are available for those who have need.

We encourage you to pay the highest rate that is comfortable for you so we can continue to serve those who may not have as much to give.

What Services Are Included?

Mind Body Therapy for anxiety/stress/depression/grief

Chronic Pain Management

Addiction and Recovery support

Personal Training – fitness and rehabilitation

Medicinal cannabis consultation for anxiety and chronic pain

Meditation Training

Stress management 

Emotional regulation and awareness for anxiety and depression

Who Do We Service?

We serve children, adults, and families

Online or in person (Essex, MD and surrounding areas)

How Can I Schedule an Appointment or Get More Information?

To schedule an appointment and inquire about rates, scholarships and our plans starting at $0 please contact Kristi by email here or call at 443.935.3395