School & Public Health Wellness Programs

Our programs support social emotional growth of students at all levels of abilities and fitness. We emphasize emotional awareness, body awareness, and emotional regulation.

We also create completely new programs just for your community’s interests. Our mindfulness science is easily integrated into all fitness and wellness programming.

‘Out of School Time’ Programs 2023-2024

Yoga Mouth Studio is excited to offer out of school time opportunities for pre-school through high school!

Please review our program descriptions. Each program is designed to be taught in 45 minute to 1 hour blocks. The curriculum is adjusted to suit the ages of the students and the interests of the participants. Please feel free to ask for customizations on any curriculum.

Conscious Crafting

Crafts and art projects designed to calm, soothe, and build tools for self care and emotional awareness while expressing creativity and individuality – $10 dollar material fee/student

Workout Party

A combo class of cardio, self defense, yoga, partner workouts, dance and team challenges to explore all the ways we can have fun moving. It’s like all the best parts of gym class every time we meet!

Yo! Kids

STEAM based activities to teach mindfulness science in exciting hands-on experiments and movement.
Think…Bill Nye meets mind-body science


Learn classical yoga through storytelling, movement, mindfulness, and self exploration to cope with stress and anxiety and create overall calm in your mind and body.

Speak Out!

Tell your story and let your voice be heard. This program uses mindfulness training to help kids develop their inner voice and confidently share their ideas with the world. Kids learn self awareness, empowerment, advocacy, and use creative writing, art, movement, and speaking to express themselves.

Chess & Brain Games

Learn chess and table top strategy games to expand your mind and build focus and situational awareness

Pricing & Registration Details


Max 15 students in each session

Some programs require a non refundable materials fee/student

Programming is adjustable for all ages and abilities!

Extracurricular Sports

Yoga Mouth is the only organization in the area that offers competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training for in school and out of school time programming at a competitive level.

About Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

BJJ is a fast growing sport that is unique because it has no season. Often it is referred to as “kinetic chess,” and places a strong emphasis on strategy, problem solving, and resilience.

It is inclusive, co-ed and open to many levels of fitness and abilities. There are options for competitions all year round.

Kids can work toward individual competition goals as well as team goals so everyone can be part of the fun!

Our BJJ Program

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Rafael Jenkins brings mindfulness, yoga and martial arts together for holistic competition training for kids 5-15.

This is a full year program. It begins in the first quarter with fundamental BJJ skills and conditioning. Students prepare for the challenge of competition training in Quarter 2.

Monthly, the students will have an in house scrimmage to develop competition skills and speed as well as gain confidence in their techniques.

There will be an organized invitation only scrimmage in  February. We invite other teams to participate and practice competition skills in a friendly and empowering environment.

In Spring we host a tournament, or attend a local tournament,  and give all of the team competitors a chance to experience full competition, the points system, and get a taste of the local BJJ community and opportunities.

BJJ PRogram FAQ’s

How often do we practice?

Yoga Mouth can organize and set up these events right inside your facility. We may have a chance to visit other gyms as well.

Does everyone train together?

Yes. All ages and sizes can train together. We adapt our techniques to all sizes. It is important for the kids to experience controlling their body and strength to match different sized opponents.

How many kids are on a team?

We cap the team at 15 so everyone has a safe and successful training experience.

How often do we practice?

Ideally the team practices for 1 hour 2x/week, but if the budget and space do no allow, it is possible to have 1 hour of training 1x/week.

What months does the program run through?

September – June.

Isn't a whole year too long for a competitive sport?

No. BJJ is a very complex and intricate martial art. Most BJJ hobbyists train multiple days/week year round. Most competitive BJJ programs for kids also run year round and have competition training all year due to the constant learning and growing that happens in this dynamic and strategic sport.

Cost & Registration Fees

Each team member registered will have a $75 registration fee that goes directly to Yoga Mouth for uniforms and scrimmage fees. It is non-refundable and provides each student a competition ready Gi and belt. It will be provided on the first day of training to be worn at every session.

What's included in the cost?

Pricing for a year of competition BJJ team training that includes:

1 professional BJJ instructor and assistants as needed


1 invitation only scrimmage – TBD Winter

1 tournament (in house or local) with officials and scorekeeping – TBD Spring 2024

Monthly in house scrimmage for skills assessments

2 – 1 hour training sessions/week

Medals, stripes, and certificates of achievement

Do kids get awards?

Yes. The instructors will be awarding stripes on the belts for achievement, performance, and commitment. This striping system applies universally if the student wanted to continue training in an outside facility. Students also have a chance to win medals and points in the scrimmages and tournament.

Please contact Kristi here to discuss partner options and rates*

What’s Next?

Yoga Mouth is excited to plan a school year of amazing and innovative mindfulness based enrichment activities and sports.

How do I contact you for more information on all programs?

Please email Kristi @ and let her know what programs you would like to book and ideas of days/times that your prefer.

You can also call or text Kristi @ 443.935.3395.

How are invoice payments set up for school programming?

Yoga Mouth invoices month to month for regular out of school time programming. After we book our sessions you will receive the first invoice at the end of September.

Any registration or materials fees must be collected and paid to Kristi Jenkins 1 week before the start of programming to ensure all supplies are available and ready for class.

Do you have more payment questions?

If you have questions about our pricing please reach out to Kristi Jenkins and speak with her about discounts for booking multiple programs and sports. We also have partner rates we can discuss based on the length of programming you schedule and how many different programs and workshops you book at the same time.

We want to work with your budget to make sure you can get the most variety and opportunity possible to share our work with your crew!

partners we’ve worked with


Kristi was an absolute delight to work with on a training project.  Our organization contracted Kristi to create a training that would be used for early childhood professionals (teachers, aides, family child care professionals) across the state. Kristi’s expertise, combined with her natural ability, vast knowledge, and ability to connect to a wide variety of people, made her the perfect fit for us. I highly recommend Kristi!