special needs programming

Breaking barriers to access for the disabilities community.

YMC specializes in special needs programming for autism, downs syndrome, visually disabled, emotional and behavior intervention programs, and all levels of physical disabilities including work with individuals in wheelchairs.

We have over 20 years of experience adapting programs to be inclusive for all groups of people at the same time. We have personal experience raising a son with Autism and have worked with occupational therapists, physicians, mental health professionals, and coaches to develop adaptive programs that have proven to work with our own son and blended family. 

It is a passion of ours to bring this fun, empowering and mindful movement and education to any group or individual interested in creatively fulfilling their full mind and body potential.

our programs

We’ve created programs for Maryland School for The Blind, The Down Syndrome Association, and fully inclusive after school programming  at Martin Boulevard Elementary Community School  that includes and takes into consideration their students with special needs.

For more information on partnering with us to create programming for children or adults with special needs...

If you have questions about our pricing please reach out to Kristi Jenkins at yogamouthcollective@gmail.com or text/ call 443.935.3395

partners we’ve worked with


Kristi was an absolute delight to work with on a training project.  Our organization contracted Kristi to create a training that would be used for early childhood professionals (teachers, aides, family child care professionals) across the state. Kristi’s expertise, combined with her natural ability, vast knowledge, and ability to connect to a wide variety of people, made her the perfect fit for us. I highly recommend Kristi!